Wishlist 2009

Nafsu punya DSLR pudar...nabung berkali-kali ga berhasil, mobil sering sakit...hidung ngambek...batal smuanya. Turun ajalah wishlistnya jadi benda yang satu ini, lagian di rumah ada D2H nganggur, bisa dipake2.

Cyber-shot DSC-T2 (Available in Black, Green, Pink, & White Colour)

Designed to be both powerful and stylish for the holidays,
the camera has a new look with a compact silver body; black LCD frame;
and a sliding lens cover available in blue, green, pink, white or black.
White is my choice, mengingat bodynya warna silver..sertinya yang putih akan terlihat rapih.

Its touch-panel LCD screen replaces small buttons with on-screen icons
and a user-friendly interface to make camera operation fast and simple.
You can touch the screen to select the subject you want to focus on (shooting mode) and where you want to zoom in (playback mode).

Kenapa milih ini...hhhmmm menunya ga muluk2, simple, sesimple kebutuhan gw (macro, fireworks, manual setting) enough for me... Macro for my big couriousity at tiny things, Fireworks for my painting with lights hobby, and manual setting for experimenting of shutter speed and f number. Oh iya...1 lagi!!! It's using a rechargable battery, not that stupid AA batteries. What more should i ask?? it's enough for me.

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