Frozen 2008

Got fever since Tuesday. Staying at home and watching television i guess is the right choices for spending times before new year. Then suddenly came an idea for making LAST PHOTO SESSION on 2008. It's about 10 past ... something pm (i don't remember), and i should finish it before 12. Try to think as fast as i can...and here're the result. The story goes like, there're many things happened on 2008, bad things or good things. I really trust that it all happened for a reason.

Hating some people, or hated by some people, feeling happy, sad, fear of some things, angry, pain or hurt, loosing trust, and so on....

I guess wasted was my kinda word in 2008 since i wasted all my times for not finishing my thesis wakakakakakakakak. And mmmmm some other memories that have made me feel wasting my time for doing it and some memories of wasted by some people.

Align CenterFrozen all of this memories and store it on some place is my kind of choices. I'm not going to forget all the things that have happen, i'm not going to throw it away...because i'll need it someday.

so....goodbye 2008 and welcome new things!!!!

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Ojat said...

met taun baru 2009 :)