Where are we?

Namanya juga hidup...namanya juga manusia
Yg punya anak, sibuk ngeluh kanan kiri dan menjadikan anaknya alasan untuk banyak hal termasuk gak punya "me time"
Yg ga punya anak, cuman bisa liat sambil elus dada dan perut karena belum dikasih.

Namanya juga hidup...namanya juga manusia
Lebih bisa mengeluh dan mencari kekurangan
Daripada mensyukuri bahwa kita masih dikasih waktu untuk bernafas
Ya...sesederhana bernafas

Namanya juga hidup...namanya juga manusia
Lebih suka menjalani hari2nya dengan penuh keribetan
Daripada bilang "tidak" untuk sesuatu yang ga mau dia lakukan dan "hayuk" tanpa embel2 mengeluh untuk sesuatu yang mau dia lakukan

Tapi kan katanya hidup itu penuh pilihan...mungkin menjadi ribet dan banyak mengeluh adalah pilihan hidupnya. Iya juga ya...

So just let them live the way they wanted to live



Hello! It's been awhile :)


Dinda Candra with Hemisphere Studio for BSI's Photo Exhibition

Hemisphere Studio invited by BSI to be their special guest on their photo exhibition...
they asked us to gave a short workshop and put up our artworks there.
For the short workshop we gave them basic photography about
composition (rule of third, pattern and unusual point of view).

For the task...we gave them a fun challenge to take a picture using anything that they bring
either pocket camera, dslr, analogue cam, or even phone camera. they should take a picture
of things that has red color or have a square shape. We gave this task just to make them
wanted to take picture and see things ordinary as something extraordinary ^^ and of course
having fun with whatever your gear is.
Photography is about to have fun so do not afraid of anything just like us :)

we really have a great time :) thank u sooooo much to BSI esp. Obon and Danang.
all pictures taken by Danang Rizalni Prasetya

Dinda Candra Dewi on Pinamoosh

Featured by Pinamoosh

Big thanks to Pinamoosh esp. Donald Valentino Sinaga...lelaki yg tak bisa diam ahahahaha

The Root of The Masses

i am a watcher...i am a reader...i am the root of the masses
it's time to brood on the hue of me
you can eat all you want....until what's left for you is sand....
i'll fed you with silence then
a stepped red rose stub....while the raven is passing through
don't blame the she shore and the tide
the dust you gather wont turn to gold...

Painting with projector on the 3rd workshop of Hemisphere Studio
words: Twisted Ican


Tuesday place to make friend and shares everything


take a break and have some fun

One adorable couple...
no this is not their pre-wedd photos... just some snapshots i took on their pre-wedd photo session :D


"everything was perfect
'til you came along.
oh no"
-rogue wave



Matching outfit for the next shot...checked!

False Perspective

Having fun at night with playing false perspective....ican did the drawing.