Mbah Salak

when traveling around the town, i stop at mmm i don't know what it's called..some kind of traditional market that sells 'salak pondoh'. I met this old lady then i called her 'mbah' (javanese name for grandma).


here's my short conversation with her:

me: Mbah, salaknya berapaan sekilo? (How much does it cost for 1 kg salak?)

mbah salak: sembilan ribu nduk, ayo ambil aja dicobain dulu (it cost Rp.9000/kg, take some and taste it dear)

me: ngga usah Mbah, saya beli 2 kilo aja ya mbah (no thank u, i'll buy 2 kilos)

mbah salak: ambil 2,5 kilo aja ya nduk,mbah kasih 20 ribu (how bout take 2 and a half kilos for Rp.20.000)

me: iya deh mbah (ok)

mbah salak: Alhamdulillah

but i give her some extra payment, so i give her Rp.25.000 for 2 and a half kilos salak. i take it and prepare to go from where i park my car. suddenly she runs to my car and calling me several times "nduuuuk...nduuuk" she said. I stop my car, she knock my window, i open it up and she said "uangnya kelebihan nduk" (u gave me too much money). and i said "iya mbah gpp,disimpen aja" (oh yes thank you but i want u to keep it). then she said "tunggu bentar ya nduk" (just wait a minute dear) and she runs, and back with lots of more salak. she said "ini mbah tambahin buat dimakan di jalan,makasih banyak ya nduk" (i gave u extra salak, thank u so much dear) and keep saying alhamdulillah many times.


this is what she gave me..

hhhhhhhhhh have no words to say...she's not just gave me extra salak..but she also gave me something to learn that day ^^

giving hug to u Mbah ^^ i'll always remember this

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mulo said...

"Si mbah" least not losing, because there was a smile on his face wide, when she receives the money ... and also do more bow harvest time ca ..
you should buy it all ca ... hahhaa ;) biar gw kebagian jugaaa kirimlah..... satu kilo