Sweets from Heaven and Hell!!

Here are some meals from 268. Something that i always waited to come..not to eat them, just to look at cute they were. Really like sweets from heaven =)Fruit Crepes, un-crispy crepe filled with mixed fruits and strawberry syrup.

Strawberry Short Pie. Crispy pie covered with strawberry jam and whipped strawberry cream plus fresh strawberry on top of it..makes it look so perfect! cute little pie =)

Strawberry puding. Well it's just an ordinary puding with strawberry flavor served with milk syrup and fresh strawberry. Yummy....

I don't know what kind of cup cake is this hehehehe. But Tian said it's sweet. So go ask him about what it taste like.

Fruit Jelly. Hmmm...sweet jelly filled with mixed fruits. Cute colors and taste.

And this is....huffff the sweets from hell!! Afrin, Rhinos, and all other medicine that i should eat and use. I know it taste like shit but i'll be better because of them and hopefully i could get my "ice cream rights" right away hahahahaha!!!! Ice cream is the trully sweets from heaven!!

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