My Work and Play Space

Dica...Polisitidur...whatever! People known her as a "super amburadul" girl. Brantakan klo naro' apa2, hingga punya gelar "klo ga ada yang ketinggalan,bukan Dica namanya". Well this is the only thing i have that looks like mmm well organized right?! hahahahahaha. My lovable work and play space. This are the things on this space.
Custom message board. Place it on the wall above my desk. I've ever seen a message board like this but the price was so high so i decided to made it.

The desk. 70x70cm wooden desk.

My lovable gaming platform and it's cute multipurpose holder ihihihihihi

Tiny new friend..Hellow.. =)

Custom mouse pad. I made it so Tian can also work here without saying "ga biasa nih ga pake mouse" again hihihihi.

Pins inside a glue box.

And here is the treasure. My HDD and lovable toys of course. All data stored here karna laptop tercinta gw sudah teriak2 minta tambahan RAM. MAINAN!! i'm a toy addict. Itu tama tower hasil berburu di sebuah toko yang mau bangkrut saat itu. Bahagia diatas penderitaan orang lain.

well..that's all.

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