Dinda Candra with Hemisphere Studio for BSI's Photo Exhibition

Hemisphere Studio invited by BSI to be their special guest on their photo exhibition...
they asked us to gave a short workshop and put up our artworks there.
For the short workshop we gave them basic photography about
composition (rule of third, pattern and unusual point of view).

For the task...we gave them a fun challenge to take a picture using anything that they bring
either pocket camera, dslr, analogue cam, or even phone camera. they should take a picture
of things that has red color or have a square shape. We gave this task just to make them
wanted to take picture and see things ordinary as something extraordinary ^^ and of course
having fun with whatever your gear is.
Photography is about to have fun so do not afraid of anything just like us :)

we really have a great time :) thank u sooooo much to BSI esp. Obon and Danang.
all pictures taken by Danang Rizalni Prasetya


Fahmi Adi Cahya (Uco') said...

so proud of you

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing! Proud of you very much! You’ve done a great work! Wish you good luck!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

Alisia said...

Pretty nice! Glad for you!

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