rainbow sprinkles

nothing can stop me from capturing, smiling, laughing, trying, exploring,
spread the love, spread the colors or just playing around with it...

here i am, trying to add some rainbow sprinkles on a new fun place.
got 75 photos posted so far...and still continuing.
here's a sneak peak of my photos that has been posted to
instagram lately.


terlalurisky said...

foto kereta gantung itu asoy sekali kawan. hehe.

Redhead said...'dear..!!! :D

Dinda candra dewi (dica) said...

Risky....iya se asoy rasanya baik kreta gantung sendirian dikala hujan angin hahahaha it was fun thou and i'm fine. Thanks a bunch ya :)

Hey's u again. U surely do visiting my blog regularly do u? :D thank u anyway for all the support. It means a lot...

Redhead said...

Honestly, I put your blog link in my blog.. I'am so proud on you, and Glad read all about your life, Dear..

I'm behind you, with a strut on the shoulders of spirit when your tired. :)

Dinda candra dewi (dica) said...

Wow..another clue :)
Actually i dont really pay atention of who put me down on their blog so i dont really get the clue right now. But now i know u're also a blogspot user, right? So what's the name of ur blog?

Thank u so much u almost said that everytime u post ur comment "i'm proud of u". Thank u so much it means a lot :) really....

Wow another clue is that "tired" word. How did u know that? How did u know that i'm feeling it right now? Just a random guessing or u really know me that much?

Huuummm i begin to wonder who u are dear redhead. But whoever u are...i thank u so much for all the support :)

Redhead said...

I dont know you so much dear,
I am only know about you shortly.
The first time, you divide the tired feeling in your heart. Well from there, I already know that you are strong. :)