"diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih kok ga pernah critaaa sih"

"diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih kok ga pernah critaaa sih"
a statement or a question (?) that u said almost every time when i accidentally told you about ummm sad stories of my life hahahahahahaha. Actually this is a very simple tough question ever, i always try to answer it but it came out like "hah? udah ceritaaaaaa?" or "really?" or even "lupa ah" ahahahahaha.
The truth is..I really enjoy our time together, laughing at things, talking about some ugly people and strange things happen in Indonesia, then it's like "PUFF" i forgot about my sad stories. Just like what i've learn from what we've done all the time...don't look back or you'll get hurt again, leave it and lets laugh together. Thank you for always being there. yes...always (walaupun beberapa kali ditinggalin hihihihi) ahahahahahaha^^

p.s i know you'll laugh so loud when you read this and then you'll said "sinetrooooooooooooooon". whateveeeerrr just WHATEVER! ahahahahahahahahahaha.

p.p.s makasih payungnya hahahahahahaha

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