Mirota batik

the sun shine so bright that day, i decided to take 'becak' as my ride for this day and leave the car at the hotel


"ke Mirota ya pak" (take me to Mirota please, sir)

Mirota batik is a (unique) traditional store located at the most famous street of Jogjakarta, Malioboro. This store sells lots of Jogja's traditional things (cloth,food,bag,etc). Not just selling things, this store also entertain the costumers with lots of unique things. Such as

Photobucket a warning sign on the front door. For me its unique not because it's funny, but it's sooooo meaningless and i don't understand huahahahahaha.

next to the sign above, there's this old man "nembang" and playing kecapi (if i were not mistaken hihihi) Photobucket aaaaaaahhh i love the sounds he makes

and not forget to mention an old women doing "ngebatik" at the center of the store. it's Mirota's tradition. the not just selling batik but also shows us how batik was made. lovely ^^ Photobucket 

after taking several minutes too look at the 1st floor of the store,it's time to go upstairs and have a look at what else that attract me. and yes..i find something that makes me think for a while before laughing. This is the thing Photobucket so...any idea what is this? well this is Mirota's toilet sign hahaha. the one with mustache is for male and the one with(out) mustache is for female.... i wonder where should Iis Dahlia (Indonesia's popular dangdut singer) go...since SHE has MUSTACHEs hahahaha.

That's it....a story bout my favorite place to go when i came to visit this town

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